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Membership Outreach

Channing Kirkpatrick


Bereavement Meals

Loss of a family member is never easy. Bereavement Meals is just one way the church reaches out to the families in their time of sorrow.  Meals are prepared for families of church members when a church member passes. If you would be interested in preparing food for a bereavement meal, please call or text Channing Kirkpatrick (980-875-7443) or email her at

Thank you to all those you have helped with these meals in the past.


Shut-in Visitation 

Shut-ins are an important part of our church and they are persons who want to be involved but can't come to church. Teams go to the shut-ins to bring them a piece of the church and let them know they are not forgotten.  If you are interested in being on a team that visits our shut-ins, please call or text Channing Kirkpatrick (980-875-7443) or email her at

If you currently are on a team please let her know if you wish to continue to visit our shut-ins.