Quilting Ministry
Kim Bucklin

The Hickory Grove Quilting Ministry was established in June of 2011 when a few quilters recognized the need to have a place to meet and share in time and talents.  Our quilters are as diverse as the fabrics we quilt together, coming together to share the creativity of quilting and love of sharing talents for worthy causes.

Over the years the HGQM has made and donated Quilts for a Cause to a variety of organizations throughout the country.  Including quilts for camps who specialize in the treatment of chronically ill and terminally ill children, home for single moms, children’s hospitals, burn center hospital, women with cancer, children in crisis, and quilts for our fabulous veterans. 

The quilts themselves are a reflection of the caring and giving hands that make them. A variety of themes are used, some have patriotic themes, some are hobby and fun related, while not all are perfect, as none of us are, they are all still beautiful and unique as we all are.

2019 Quilts for a Cause Quiltshops:

March: CMPD Auction Quilt for Special Olympics – Together as a group, the HG Quilting Ministry will be making a quilt to donate to the CMPD to be used as a fund raiser for the local Special Olympics.

May: Quilts for Hope House - The very sewcial and creative ladies of the HG Quilting Ministry will be having their Spring Quilt for a Cause Quiltshop on Saturday, May 18th, from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm in the AGAPE Room of Hickory Grove United Methodist Church. We will be making beautiful and uplifting quilts to be given to some young ladies who reside at Hope House. Hope House is a home for young women who were victims of human/sex trafficking. OnEagles Wings Ministries operates this wonderful home and much needed ministry in Charlotte, NC. We will provide courageous survivors, who need security in their lives, with a comforting quilt to wrap them in love and warmth. Please feel free to stop by and see creativity in action!

June: Activity Mats for Memory Centers – Place-mat size activity quilts. These mats help sooth the agitated fidgeting of people with Alzheimer or dementia. The mats help focus their attention, stimulate their senses and exercise hand muscles.

July: 9th ANNUAL WOUNDEDWARRIORWEEKEND- As diverse as our soldiers are that's how we like our quilts, all sizes with any pattern. Quilts to be donated to the MOPH (Military Order of the Purple Heart) in Matthews, NC (this will be our fifth year donating to MOPH, Matthews NC-HOOHAH!). Previous quilts donated to Salisbury VA Hospital, Salisbury NC (2 years) and Operation Restored Warrior, Colorado Springs, CO (2 years).

September: Chemo Quilts – Quilts any size and any pattern for men, women, and children who are going through chemotherapy. Wrapping patients in love and warmth while in the infusion centers.

November: 3rd Annual Quilts of Comfort - The quilts can be any size and any pattern; however, we encourage the quilts to be on the smaller side since these quilts will be used for children. The quilts will be given to local law enforcement agencies for children in crisis, such as an emergency room, battered women's shelter, and crisis centers. We will provide a child who is need of security in their lives by wrapping them in the love of one of our quilts.

A Designated Funds Account is set up for the HG Quilting Ministry, funds contributed to this account are used to reimburse quilters for the cost of fabric and batting used for our Quilts for A Cause. Thank you to all who have contributed to the account.

They meet every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm until around 8:30pm in the Agape Room of the Family Life Center of Hickory Grove United Methodist Church. They will not meet on Tuesday, December 24th or Tuesday, December 31. 

They also have scheduled quiltshops once a month on Saturdays. The mission of the Quilting Ministry is: A place for quilters to gather and offer time and talents for church, charity, and personal projects.

Quilter's Prayer:  Dear Heavenly Father, may the work of our hands be pleasing to your site and used to show others warmth of the body as well as warmth of the Spirit. Amen.


WeCare Monthly Information
# Families in October      32         
Children 0 to 18  46
Adults 19 to 64  47
Seniors 65+  15


October food needs: cans of soup, mixed vegetables, & potatoes (canned or dry)